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List and text development:
new lists, series, editions, titles

Anthony Haynes writes: Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You want to develop a new series or list
  • You want to publish new titles to extend your existing programmes (or to replace under-performing titles)
  • You want to improve some of your titles through new editions (or to work with authors to improve forthcoming titles)

If so, we can help you – without increasing your overhead!

Whether you’d like us to work on a single title, a group of titles, or an entire programme, we offer the following menu of services:

  • Researching markets
  • Identifying publishing opportunities
  • Finding and commissioning authors
  • Developing texts, managing and mentoring authors



We offer these services across all of the main academic genres, including reference works, monographs, trade books and, especially, textbooks.

Clients include: Galore Park; Nelson Thornes; Profile Books; and SAGE.

Enquiries: please contact partners@professionalandhigher.com

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