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Professional development workshops

Anthony Haynes writes: We provide workshops on:

  • getting published successfully;
  • academic writing and editing;
  • research communication (including posters and presentations);
  • writing bids and applications;
  • peer review

Our workshops are tailored to the needs of the participants – whether faculty or early career researchers – and the time available (typically between one hour and a whole day).

Clients include the following universities: Dundee; Heriot-Watt; Leeds; Northumbria; Salford; and Cambridge (School of Technology; School of Arts and Humanities).


Anthony Haynes writes: For academics and early career researchers, I provide one-to-one mentoring on writing. 

Some mentees like to focus sessions on pieces of text that they have written. Others prefer to discuss processes of writing, such as planning or editing. I am happy to work either way.

Typical genres covered include: conference papers, journal papers; reports; theses; grant bids; and fellowship applications.

Clients include: University of Essex; and University of Cambridge (departments of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology; Engineering; and Physics).

Bids and applications

We assist clients with writing grant bids and also with applications (e.g., for fellowships). Where possible, we prefer to work with clients from the early stages of such projects.

Our default position is to respect the sensitivity of clients’ information and to make no claim whatsoever on the intellectual property involved. We are happy to work within non-disclosure agreements.

Editorial services

We provide the following services: project management; development editing; copy-editing; proofreading; and report writing. Our main focus is grey literature and online material.

Please note that, where we provide such services, we typically do so for organisations rather than individuals.

Clients include: Age UK Islington; Archipelago; Institute for Manufacturing (University of Cambridge); Heriot-Watt University; Society for Research into Higher Education; Research Councils UK (RCUK); and Vitae.
Enquiries: please contact partners@professionalandhigher.com.
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